I help you reflect on your journey to next levels of performance!

Applying the levers to growth and value creation.

I help you navigate the right paths for increasing (recurring) revenue, reducing costs, and improving productivity.

Expertise & experience

I provide you, myself and through my network, with access to expertise and experience needed to drive and secure evolution.

How it works

I help you to explore, find, realize and secure the required commercial development to achieve aspired growth. In periodical plan and feedback sessions we fuel the process to accelerate improvement. Upfront we agree upon scope, context, expectation and time plan.


If I can help you avoid only one pitfall….., I do have bigger ambitions though!. Als gevolg van het vaste tarief heb je daarbij een duidelijk budgetteerbare ondersteuning. My approach proved its worth in several earlier collaborations.

In case the situation calls for it, I can offer you a more or less intensive form of counseling.

I lead.

I like to translate my commitment to results into taking management responsibility. 

I coach

I help put in place the right levers for growth, cost reduction and productivity increase.

I advise.

I support with practical improvement analysis, advice & implementation guidance.

Let’s talk!

Let’s discover whether I can help you accelerate business growth!