Working method

An integrated though practical approach, which works!

The approach I bring with Xelero is pragmatic and hands-on.

No extensive reports, no big change program. But starting where the tension is. Getting down to work, together!

Over the years, in addition to focusing on realizing customer value (growth, continuity), I have dedicated myself to helping organizations increase the capacity for self-organization (agility, profitability). Together we proved the approach to be successful.

Providing customer value and brining agile are corner stones of a commercial acceleration. Why? Because, if your presence doesn’t add value, your absence won’t make a difference. And to let teams pivot away from suboptimal solutions, it is vital to focus on outcome over activities.

Central to the approach are:

  1. develop value proposition that concretely contribute to the needs of all personas
  2. implement the working model aimed at delivering impact at all customer touch points
  3. use the right customer approach for each type of account to optimize life time value
  4. assure that individuals and teams are empowered to deliver the required performance
  5. gaining commitment from all involved by making short cyclic improvement steps

Certain interventions require the use of a specialist. I have set up a selective network of partners with knowledge and experience that we can make use of during acceleration. With the help of this network we can quickly organize additional expertise where necessary. 

Buy & build

“Value creation in our participations requires an integrated approach!”

Maarten Derks, Partner TiiN Capital

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