Effective performance

I help to develop those competences to perform!

On the way towards a customer value focused, agile organization.

Commercial success requires more than connecting your products and services to the value customers and prospects (latently) seek and implementing the applicable customer engagement process.

Ultimately, it is the performance of employees and executives that together deliver your organization’s performance in the marketplace.

Step by step

In four steps I help you to effectively set up the commercial organization to realize your ambitions/goals:

  1. Specifying desired outcomes and associated performance
  2. Translating the aspired performance into required talent & expertise
  3. Providing hands-on support, like coaching, training and if needed recruitment
  4. Driving (cross)team collaboration

Step by step, we develop the capacity for self-organisation and create a high-performing, customer value focused, agile organization.

Turnaround & exit

“Reflection, structure and effective coaching to get stalled organization moving again”

Ton Kistemaker, Director A. de Jong Th.

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