Who I am

My passion & profession:
scaling-up the commercial performance of tech companies at pace!

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Jord Koot. In various CEO/CCO roles and as an entrepreneur, I have gained 25 years of experience in growing and scaling tech-driven organizations.

I have led start-ups and scale-ups, but also turned around and grown more mature organizations. Always with a tech core. Companies where tech combined with evolving commercial excellence made the difference. My role? The one of Accelerator. Helping individuals and teams to perform at ever higher commercial levels.

Passion and profession

It’s my passion and profession to maximize the commercial return on employee-, team-, ánd organizational talents. Every organization, young or old, will have to adapt over time. After all, markets are changing, new technologies are developing rapidly, digitization brings new opportunities and challenges, and competition is on the rise.

With a hands-on, customer-value focussed approach, we get the organization on track and move fast forward to next level results. All in line with my motto:

‘to make myself superfluous tomorrow in what must be done today’.


I like to commit myself to your success. Working preferably result based, I truly take responsibility for it.

Based on the principles of Client value development, Design thinking, Agile/scrum, Talent Management and Socio/Holacracy, I have developed an effective methodology in developing a customer-value focused, self-managed organization. 

Some examples of successful collaborations:

  • As CRO, after VC-backed acquisition, led SaaS pay-tech provider into growth mode: innovated proposition, international go-to-market, team, product roadmap, funnel, and first international wins > in progress, hand-back 24Q1
  • As CCO of a SaaS supply chain platform – built a professional and scalable commercial organization, resulting in aYoY 50% MRR growth >read more
  • As CEO of a Dutch IT service provider – led the transformation into a Security specialist, resulting in 70% profitable growth >read more
  • As CEO of a Scandinavian software supplier – turned around a loss-making business into 35% profitable growth >read more
  • As VP of a Scandinavian software supplier – supervised the pan-European alignment of the commercial go-to-market >read more
  • As CEO for Dutch/French investors – set up, expanded and successfully sold a tech-driven logistics service provider (4PL/Control Tower) >read more
  • As non-executive director of a technical trading house – guided the turnaround, split-up in two seperate LOB and successful sale >read more
  • As advisor/coach to staffing group – supported the Board in the establishment and growth of an IT-Security business >read more


I would be pleased to start the dialogue how I can help you materialize your ambitions as entrepreneur, management team or as an investor!

Let’s talk!

Let’s investigate how I can help you accelerate business growth!