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Well-balanced acceleration.

The commercial organization must adapt to changing conditions in order to be successful (again). This requires thinking ánd above all, acting differently.

In accordance with the mantra ‘Insight – Awareness – Behavior’, we engage all stakeholders in the journey towards the aspired end-state. With ever higher levels of self-organisation business- and development goals are aligned and broken down into what needs to be done by the teams.


In the approach, performance (i.e. realizing business results) and development (i.e. increasing the engine power) go hand in hand. The 4P-model provides a framework to consider all relevant aspects that need to be addressed in next phase(s). 

In this way we add customer value and/or realize efficiency with each iteration.

  • Policy. In context of the End-state vision we sharpen, based on progressive insight, per iteration: scope & context, how we do it, available resources and intended results.
  • Proposition. Using the Customer Value Framework, we work on value propositions that increasingly contribute to the intended positioning and differentiation.
  • People. The Talent Performance Model helps to align skills, behaviors and management style with aspired performance of individuals and teams over time.
  • Process. Successively all touch points across the end-to-end Customer Interaction Processes are aligned with the appropriate means and resources.


Experience learns that this integrated, iterative, but above all pragmatic approach yields greater performance improvements than more traditional big-bang transformations:

  • Learning from earlier stages enables the organization to adapt, refine, strengthen during development.
  • Maintaining balance in the dynamics between the P’s provides 360 degree improvement and solid foundation for next steps.
  • Understanding the reason for change and experiencing the benefits, generates buy-in, enthusiasm and momentum among all involved.

I help you formulate a clear and realistic vision of the intended end state, including intermediate outcomes (plateau planning).


In Quarterly Progress Review & Planning sessions we select those development items relevant for the next iteration. These items are then implemented by the, ever more self-managing, individuals and teams in monthly sprints. At the end of each sprint both the end results and the learning points are evaluated. Based on this the priorities are set for the next sprint(s).

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Patrick Legal, CEO Crystal Group

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