What I do

I help Tech companies evolve to next commercial performance levels!

Helping entrepreneurs, management teams and investors making growth leaps.

In short, I help them to build, convert and expand the business and organization commercially. I bring expertise the organization lacks in its day-to-day operations to make the transformation.

Turning strategy into action

Although I gladly contribute to the development of an appropriate commercial strategy, my heart truly beats when it comes to translating it into concrete results!

  • developing both business and organizational performance levels step by step
  • breaking through fixed patterns and connecting to what is working
  • all in line with my motto ‘to make myself superfluous tomorrow in what needs to be done today!’

Successful development

My insights and experiences I have translated into an effective approach on how to develop a high performance, customer value focused agile organization. An approach that has proven successful several times.

“to make myself superfluous tomorrow in what must be done today”

My motto

Certain interventions require the use of a specialist. I have developed a selective network of partners with knowledge and experience we can make use of during commercial transformation projects. With the help of this network we can quickly organize additional expertise where and when necessary. 


I like to commit myself to what YOU want to achieve with YOUR organization! Please contact me, and let’s start the conversation!

Positioning towards exit

“Personal touch in value creation!.”

Nico Hulsbos and Rehu Klatt, Partners in HulsbosKlatt

Let’s talk!

Let’s discover whether I can help you accelerate business growth!