I like to be
for the outcome!

Uniting interests!

As a driver of commercial growth and value development, I like to show commitment by actually taking responsibility for the realization of goals agreed upon. In fact, my business model is geared to this!

Result commitment

Xelero stands for a balanced and transparent remuneration structure, composed of a fixed base plus a variable, performance-based component. Participation, against the right conditions, is an option I am most happy to discuss!


Successful collaboration means uniting goals and interests. A principle I value, and which has proved itself in practice over the past 25 years.

Interested to learn more? Please contact me, I would be pleased to start the dialogue!

Turnaround, growth & exit

“Reflection, structure and effective coaching to get stalled organization moving again”

Ton Kistemaker, Director A. de Jong Th.

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