Scaling Saas

Build scalable organization with sustainable MRR growth

As CCO of Simacan, the open SaaS platform for digital collaboration in transport logistics, I have led the development of a professional, scalable proposition as well as the growth fo the associated new business & customer success organization. All resulting in a year-on-year 50% MRR growth.

Situation: In the past years, Simacan had achieved initial successes by bringing together data from the National Database of Road Traffic Data and TomTom and sharing it with customers. ANWB, for example, used this data to provide the various NL radio stations with enriched traffic reports. While Ahold and Jumbo used this data to plan and monitor the supply of their stores as well as the home delivery to consumers. The Simacan Control Tower provided all stakeholders with accurate delivery information. 

Challenge: Fueled by a European grant (Horizon 2020 program of the EU) Rob Schuurbiers, CEO/founder, had the ambition to scale the Simacan platform into a European Connected Transport platform. Next to further product innovation, the challenge was to set up a high performant commercial organisation.

Approach: Using the customer value model, the Simacan proposition has evolved from primarily a retailer solution to a community collaboration platform for e-tailers, retailers, manufacturers, carriers, couriers, logistics service providers and consumers. With increasing levels of self-organization, a scalable commercial growth engine has been developed in which Marketing, SDR, Field Sales and CSM optimally team in the development of both new business- and installed base funnels. The ‘talent-performance-model’ was used to further align competences and develop a working-as-one culture. All resulting into an outstanding net retention and new business growth.

in 2022 Simacan has grown into a true community platform, giving users real-time and predictive insight in their delivery operations. And allowing all stakeholder personas to align digitally on plan and progress. The platform supports the store and home deliveries of retailers such as Ahold, Jumbo, Spar, Dirk and DekaMarkt. As well as the distribution of products delivered directly to stores by suppliers such Borgesius. At the same time the carriers/service providers such as Cornelissen, Simon Loos, Dasko, Nedcargo, DHL and PostNL are using the platform now for their multi-client operations. In other words Simacan truly empowers the smart supply chain!

Scaling SAAS

“Growth engine delivered, team ready to continue further development of both business and organization!”

Rob Schuurbiers, CEO Simacan

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